Why Your Website isn’t Converting

Conversions are an integral part of a successful website. Even a visually appealing, SEO optimised website that sees high traffic is of no use if it cannot convert visitors into customers.

If your website is not converting, all that traffic and all your efforts are simply going down the drain. Today, our website design Buxton team looks at some reasons why your website might not be converting.

Your Website is Not User Friendly

It is entirely possible that your website is putting off your visitors, and prompting them to leave before you even get a chance to convert. If your website suffers from high bounce rate, poor user experience is the culprit.

Use heat maps, carry out user surveys, look at analytics and do everything you can to assess the problems with your website. Feel free to speak to our website design Buxton team for a website audit.

Is your navigation poor? Does your website take too long to load? Is your website not mobile responsive? Is your website’s layout cluttered and confusing? Anything that puts off visitors is a problem to the user experience. Get it fixed and see your conversions soar.

Your Content is Boring

Read your website copy, and ask yourself some simple questions:

Would I read this content?

Would this content appeal to me?

Would I be convinced after reading this text?

If your copy is too much about you, just goes beating around the bush or does not seem genuine, your visitors will never be convinced, much less convert. Your copy should show your visitors how your product/service can solve their problem. Be solution oriented rather than showing off your features. Be genuine and be customer focused.

If you need help, we can help. We are not just a website design Buxton agency. With a team of expert copywriters, we can write copy that can boost your conversions.

Go Get It Done

Now that you know some common problems that affect conversions, it’s time to take action. Need help fixing your website? Need help with content? Contact Web Design Buxton today for professional and affordable website designs solutions.