Why Everyone is Turning to a WordPress Website in 2017

There was a time when WordPress was just a blogging platform. But, over the years, since the launch of WordPress in 2003, a transformation has taken place. WordPress is no more restricted to blogging. It is an effective tool to build entire websites for businesses of all sizes.

With a web design Buxton agency specialising in WordPress, it is easy to build a high-performing website with rich features without breaking the bank. If you are still wondering why you should consider using WordPress, look at some reasons why the world is shifting to this popular CMS in 2017.

Why Everyone is Turning to a WordPress Website in 2017

Create any Type of Website

Whether you are looking for a blog, a brochure website, a multi-page corporate website, or a full-fledged ecommerce website, WordPress gives you access to a wide range of themes and plugins so you can get all the features you want for your website.

At Web Design Buxton, our WordPress web designers have hands-on knowledge about WordPress themes and plugins. We can help you create a website that meets your business needs exactly. We can include any feature in your website to help achieve your objectives of increasing user engagement, conversions and sales.

Be it a video website, a image-heavy portal, directory, forum, or a classified ads website, WordPress can help bring your vision to reality.

Be Free of SEO Worries

WordPress comes completely loaded with features to make your website SEO friendly. There are several efficient plugins for SEO that can help you make your website a search engine’s favourite. In short, WordPress helps you increase your search engine rankings and visibility.

Out of the box, WordPress is SEO friendly and meets all the essentials of an SEO friendly website from fast load time to clean coding. What’s more, WordPress releases regular updates to ensure the CMS is always at par with the latest coding standards.

An expert WordPress web design Buxton agency can install plugins to take care of other SEO requirements such as meta information, sitemap submission, image optimisation and social media presence. A professional web design service can also create a responsive design customised for WordPress for enhanced user experience on any kind of device.

Enhanced Security

WordPress constantly releases updates to ensure it’s completely secure and safe. You can also install security plugins such as Succuri or WordFence to enhance your website’s security. A WordPress web design agency will install the best security plugins to ensure your website is on top of its game at all times  

Security, ease-of-use and SEO readiness are three major factors that determine a website’s success. WordPress websites ticks the right boxes in all these areas. There’s just no reason to not use WordPress for building your website!