5 Signs Your Website Has Become Outdated

An outdated website not only puts off your visitors, it also negatively affects your brand image. It may seem as if your website is performing well. However, dig deeper and you might find that it’s not delivering the results you expect. It can help to have a professional web design Buxton agency review your website for an expert opinion.

Meanwhile these pointers can help you discover if an outdated design is indeed the culprit.

Your Website Doesn’t Display Properly on Mobile Devices

People today prefer to use their mobile devices for all online activity including banking, bill payment, shopping, information search and more. If your website isn’t optimised to display on mobile devices, it certainly is outdated.

A responsive design ensures that your website is flexible enough to adapt itself to any screen size. At Web Design Buxton, all websites we craft are fully responsive and mobile friendly. All our websites deliver a fantastic user experience across all devices with a responsive design.

There are a number of online tools that can help you determine whether your website is mobile-friendly. You can this nifty little tool from Google. Simply, enter your website address and you will know if you have a responsive design.

Your Website Doesn’t Encourage Social Sharing

Social sharing is huge today. If your website does not make social sharing easy, it is outdated. Your website must feature links to your social media profiles as well as feature social sharing buttons so your visitors can easily share your content. If your website does not feature these essentials, it might leave a bad impression on your net-savvy visitors.

Your Website Design doesn’t Just Connect

Every little feature on your website makes a huge impact on user experience.

Be it typography, page style, quality of your images and graphics – every element must conform with modern design standards.

A design from the nineties, or any other elements that make your website feel outdated will leave a bad impression about your brand.

A video that starts playing as soon as the website loads, poor navigation, cluttered layout or a bizarre colour scheme – all of these and other such design faux pas can alienate your visitors.

It is equally important to ensure the information about your business, products and events are current and up-to-date.

If your homepage showcases pictures from events that happened several years ago, or features a phone number that’s no longer in use, your visitors will show no interest in doing business with you.

A website is always a project under progress. You need to update your website continuously in terms of design, content, and technology. A professional web design agency can be a valuable partner in making the process stress-free for you. Contact Web Design Buxton today for a free, no obligation quote.